Masternode and DEX
In this section we provide information on how to setup and run a Masternode as well as working with RupEX to launch the best performing decentralized exchanges (DEX) on Rupaya.


The base recommendations for running a Masternode Candidate.
This is a procedural step-by-step guide to setting up a Rupaya Masternode using the tmn tool. It is meant for first-time and intermediate-level Masternode operators.
This guide shows how to run a Rupaya Masternode in Testnet and Mainnet without the need of using Docker and rupayamn.
Once the full node is up and running, we walk through how to make it eligible to become a Masternode .
If a Masternode does not sign any blocks during an entire epoch, the Masternode will be kicked out of the Masternode list for the next 5 epochs.
A snapshot is a recording of the state of a blockchain at a particular block height.


By using RupayaRelayer, anyone can propose their own decentralized exchange by depositing 25,000 RUPX.
This guide shows how to run a RupEX MongoDb Fullnode. To run the fullnode, you need to have MongoDb instance that enable replica set.
This guide will show how to start a RupEX DEX on your server.
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