Cold Wallet Configuration File

This section is to provide users with a list of possible options that you can configure in the Cold wallet file rupaya.conf. These settings are optional and are not configured by default. By default, the wallet configuration file is blank.

  • The file rupaya.conf is located on the computer running the Cold wallet and can be found in the following directory:

    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Rupayacore
    • Windows: ~/AppData/Roaming/Rupayacore
  1. Disable staking:

  2. Enable staking:

  3. Disable zRUPX autominting:

  4. Enable zRUPX autominting:

  5. Configure the wallet to auto mint 20% of staking rewards into zRUPX instead of RUPX. The number can be modified from 1 - 100:

  6. Disable the wallet from writing to the debug.log. This will prevent the debug.log file from growing too large and filling up your hard drive: