Rupaya Documentation


The Rupaya platform will encompass three main pillars in order to effectively solve the key payment and transaction challenges facing South Asia.

  • Owning Part of the Future (Governance Voting, Staking akin to interest)
  • Improving the Payment Experience (method of payment for goods and services)
  • Reducing Currency Transfer Fees

The South Asia region faces several unique challenges which hinder access to even the most basic banking and payment solutions. Issues such as regular electricity outages and a unreliable or nonexistent internet access impose severe limitations on traditional banking, as well as the use of many Western cryptocurrencies for remittance and payment processing. The region also faces onerously high currency transfer fees. Our solution to allowing payments in the face of poor electricity and internet connectivity centers on providing an excellent mobile wallet experience that is secure and robust. Further, we will research, develop, and deploy smart Point of Sale systems designed for e-commerce and brick & mortar businesses. These Point of Sale systems will leverage SwiftTX technology, already present in Rupaya, for instant transactions and a fast and seamless customer experience. To solve the extremely high transfer currency fees within the South Asia region we propose the creation of a dedicated RUPX/Fiat currency exchange. The cost of sending Rupaya is exponentially lower than sending traditional fiat currency. A low cost RUPX/Fiat currency exchange will enable the region to keep more of its money. Together the Rupaya solutions will empower people in South Asia and provide an increased opportunity for regional economic growth and vitality.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, the most important change to understand is that transactions occur directly between two parties without any central authority to facilitate the transaction. This also means that you are responsible for your own security - there is no bank or credit card company to reverse a transaction if your funds are stolen or lost. In this sense, it is similar to cash or gold, but cryptocurrency can be spent locally and internationally with equal ease, if you are confident you are sending funds to the right destination. For these reasons, the Rupaya documentation has a strong focus on safety and understanding the concepts and features that drive the Rupaya ecosystem. The videos, links and documentation below can help you get started, or use the table of contents on the left to find a specific topic of interest.